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Young people today face many different pressures: social media, comparing themselves to celebrities, cyber bullying, academic pressure and the prospect of mounting debt. If you would like to know how you can help please get in touch at info@miricyl.org.

Alex Conway

Chief Executive Officer

I was affected by seasonal depressions since university. At 29 working as an investment manager, my dream job, I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. It is an episodic illness. I asked when will my next episode be and how will it affect me? The consultant said. ‘I don’t know.’ I said. ‘What do you know?’ She said. ‘You will have another episode.’ Inspiring 🙂

When I did 10 years later I left my 20-year career in finance and started Miricyl, my now dream job. I set up Miricyl so other people didn’t have to go through what I have been through and so that they can have dreams without the nightmares of mental illness.


Marketing Manager

“Caitlin has been with Miricyl since Summer 2021, firstly as an intern, but she has now transitioned into a role as our Marketing Manager. Outside of working for us, Caitlin is also studying undergraduate Criminology at the University of Surrey, and in her spare time, can often be found at either a CrossFit class, or an indoor climbing centre.”


Marketing Consultant

“Roger brings a range of experiences from a long career with the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (as was) and the newly formed Tesco Bank, followed by leadership / consulting roles in the Edinburgh start up scene. He was on the board of the Ecology Centre a local environmental / health charity in Kinghorn for 3 years.

Having seen one too many family, friends and colleagues suffer from a range of mental health conditions Roger offered to support the team from an early stage in the Charities development. He saw the opportunity to help build a unique digital platform to offer immediate practical help to young people without all the delay and procedure involved in going through more traditional channels.”


Design and Social Media

“I studied psychology and early years education, and I have been an early years educator for four years. During this time, I found out that mental health is affecting children and young lives as well. Therefore, I am so happy and appreciative that MIRICYL is increasing mental health awareness in children and young lives by providing a lot of resources. At the same time, I am very interested in digital marketing, and now I am working for the marketing team. I enjoy being part of this supportive team! Go MIRICYL!”


Chief Technology Officer

“I’ve been working with Miricyl since early 2022 after searching for a volunteer role for a mental health charity where I could use my experience working in the tech industry. Supporting those struggling with their mental health is very important to me. I found that getting help is a constant fight and I want to do what I can to make it easier for others to get the support they deserve.

In my spare time I love to be outdoors. I like enjoy long distance hiking, running, weight training and also play rugby.”



“Bryn is a serial entrepreneur specialising in hospitality and E-commerce.
Bryn has worked closely with Alex for over 4 years now and has recently become Chair of the Trustees.

Mental health and especial young people’s mental health has always been important to him due to his own personal journey and that of his family.”


“Hannah joined Miricyl during the first national lockdown, bringing with her personal experience of supporting family members with their mental health and experience of marketing and business development. Outside Miricyl, Hannah works at a PR and communications firm based in London, supporting some of the largest companies in the world across both media and public affairs-based consultancy work. In her spare time, she likes to travel, walk her dog, paddle board, and play lacrosse.”


“Amol is passionate about helping the community and especially young people going through difficult times. Mental Health is important at every stage of a person’s life, and it is vital that we develop a good understanding of this topic from a young age. MIRICYL plays a key part in increasing awareness and delivering practical help and support to young people in need. I am proud to be part of the team!”

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